PPW is a joint-effort by a group of people with a deep passion in writing. As professionals in the field of education for at least 10-15 years each, we have decided to come together to share more about education, learning, enrichment and knowledge.

While you are busy reading the articles we publish, here are some little facts of us to get us a little closer with you. And we don’t want to bore you down with our thick writeup which we have been using in our careers. Instead, we may just share a few interesting things about ourselves!

– a happy mom of 3
– first role of teaching started in pre-school
– love to draw, and almost frame up every drawings of her child
– love to write by keeping a blog, but has not blogged ever since she has kids
– will be resuming her teaching role in the pre-school, which his 2nd child is attending too!

– A music teacher by passion, and has been teaching for close to 15 years (don’t guess this age!)
– He can sing, plays the piano, flute, and even the tuba (wow!)
– He is his friends’ go-to person for any advice on music classes for their children
– He has a love for K-pop.

Roger Lee
– A physical education teacher whom most guys hate (because of his strict regiment training).
– Also called the ‘iron man’ for running 42km marathons at least twice a year (but have never run for any triathlon races)
– He is also quite good in maths, and also known to be calculative in expenses, but never save on muscle building products.
– A father of 2 boys. (Guess him dream for the boys?)

– a natural speaker by nature, probably by talking too much in class
– the guy who can talk non-stop, but is always humorous. The person you want to have in your gatherings
– don’t like writing, but loves to speak. His articles are sometimes written by people who listened to him talk.
– a teacher in presentation skills, public speaking skills, emceeing skills to schools.
– emceed lots of events, roadshows, but still waiting for someone to get him to emcee their weddings (even from his friends!)


If you would like to reach anyone of us, you can drop us a message at our contact form. We will direct your message to the person, and he will get in touch with you personally.