It was the Grey kit! Honest Guv.


There have been many excuses for defeats in football, we were ill, the Ref was against us, the fixtures are too close together etc. but not being able to see your teammates properly to be able pass the ball to them is pretty rare. This was the 1995-96 season and was the reason given by the Manchester United side after a humiliating 3-1 loss to the then relegation threatened Southampton. In the first half United were wearing a greyscale top with white shorts and red lettering. After going in at halftime 3-0 down they emerged in a blue and white strip affair. It made little difference, they scored a consolation goal but what prompted the change? If you need decent Football Kits and you would like you and your teammates to be able to see each other then a click on an online retailer like kitking is worth a go.

Admittedly visibility is an important part of football and players sometimes only have a few seconds to react. Southampton, playing at home were in their traditional red and white stripes but United’s strip owed more to the world of fashion than to practical playing needs. Alex Ferguson the manager was very unhappy with it. He was not concerned with whether the kit looked good on players and supporters but he was not the powerhouse at the club that he would become. So, he was stuck with it by the whim of the marketers and brand sellers. It wasn’t the first time, they’d lost or drawn every time they’d worn the kit and the title race, with Newcastle, was becoming close.

It was the Grey kit! Honest Guv.

The complaint was that the grey (it was a sunny early spring day) meant that the players could not pick each other out for passing. This might have been borne out if they were playing at night and they had already ditched the black shorts with the top in favour of the white shorts. Southampton’s shorts were black so maybe this added to the confusion.

After this defeat the kit was dropped and not used again, Ferguson refusing to let the team out in it. This was a bit of shame to those supporters and their families who had already bought it! This meant it wasn’t used for the whole season.  The player’s reaction was different; they actually admitted that they simply weren’t playing well. Lee Sharpe openly said “…we couldn’t really blame anything or anyone but ourselves”. This comment is one of the many reasons Ferguson transferred him.