How to Pull Off a Cuban Collar Shirt


Whether you are making a casual trip to the beach or attending a formal wedding, a Cuban collar shirt is a versatile piece of menswear suitable for every summer occasion. In recent years, it has seen an upsurge in popularity, so it could be time for you to take it down off the hanger.

Since its 1950s heyday, the Cuban collar shirt has not had the best luck. It was considered a shapeless, unfashionable garment worn by the more obnoxious sections of society. Then designers started to realise that the clean-cut, crisp design could flatter nearly any body shape. With older styles returning to popularity, the Cuban collar shirt became a quirky way to appear smart. The lack of a top button or starched folds also make it perfect for casual wear.

Tailored Trousers

To really recreate the 1950s look, pair your shirt with some tailored trousers and, though it is not officially formal wear, you will still look smart. Pinstripe trousers and neutral colours will maximise the effect.

How to Pull Off a Cuban Collar Shirt


With a simple white t-shirt under your unbuttoned Cuban collar shirt, you will have one of the most casual of possible looks whilst still being very stylish.


Another way to keep your shirt casual and fun is to pair it with some 90s-style jeans and make yourself appear just a little bit cooler.


If you want to wear a jacket over your shirt, you have to choose carefully. A round collar would be too much of a contrast, whilst more denim may be too casual. Keep it simple with a sharper collar and single colour to match your shirt.


It may seem strange to begin with, but a Cuban collar shirt is the perfect way to offset the stuffier aspects of the formal suit. It gives you the perfect balance between smart and casual.

Long Sleeves

For something a little different to the standard short-sleeved Cuban collar shirt, find a more unusual long-sleeved example and make it even easier to dress smartly. For long-sleeved shirts, you could try mens Farah shirts such as those at


Even shorts can be made to look smarter when they are accompanied by a Cuban collar shirt. Keep away from brightly coloured shorts and make sure they are tailored and streamlined for the best look.