How To Get The Body You Want In Just 2 Weeks


Do you have a party to attend to that is only 2 weeks away? Do you physically feel unprepared and sluggish knowing that you don’t have the body you want quite yet? It’s totally normal to want to tone up and look the best you can at a party, so here are some tips on how to get the body you want in just 2 weeks:

Have small goals – it’s important to have a big goal, e.g. tone up and lose weight in 2 weeks, however, it’s just as important to have smaller goals along the way. If you don’t then it’s just as easy to go off track and have to start all over again. Set small goals each day such as ‘Go to the gym for 30 minutes this morning’, or ‘Take the dog for a walk around the block after work’, it could even be something to do with eating, such as ‘Eat at least 5 different fruits today’. Once you have completed this goals tick them off and reward yourself by doing something you love afterwards.

Have an inspiration – having an inspiration will strengthen your willpower. This inspiration could be anything from a quote to a celebrity. Whatever it may be it’s important to put that inspiration where you can see it everyday and be motivated just by looking at it. An example may be a picture of Jessica Alba in a bikini; anything that represents what you are working towards.

Do weights every 2-3 days – weights will build muscle, and muscle burns fat, so doing weights every 2-3 days will actually help your body build definition and lose weight at the same time. In 2 weeks you will already notice a change, and if not you can bet other people will!.

Eat every 2-3 hours – small meals every 2-3 hours that is. This will keep your metabolism high, and keep your calories under control. Try to make the majority of your diet fruits and vegetables. But do make sure you are eating enough.

Keep moving throughout the day – if you keep moving throughout the day you will be burning so many more calories than if you were sitting at a computer hours after hours. If this is your job, then get up and move around every half an hour. It may not seem like an awful lot, but it makes a difference when you want to burn more calories than you consume!.

Pamper yourself every 2-3 days – for the next 2 weeks make sure to take extra care of your body. Pampering is a great way of feeling and looking great naturally. File your nails, exfoliate your body and face, keep your eyebrows tweezed and shaped, wax or shave your legs and underarms, and apply a facial that is suitable for your skin.

Pampering yourself will actually build up your self-esteem and self-confidence so come time for the event in 2 weeks and you will feel absolutely fantastic.