What Wedding Couples Need To Know About Actual Wedding Photographers

wedding day photography

Wedding is a big day for two loving person.

It is the day that they finally commit their lives to one another.

It is also this day they make the announcement to all their family, relatives, and their friends.

It is a very important day. However, one huge mistake that wedding couples do on this day is going cheap on the services that will make their event a hugely successful one.

There are wedding services like the venue, photography, wedding gowns, wedding banquets. For the venue, wedding gowns and banquets, most couples spend the most amount of money on making themselves and their guests look great.

However, not many thoughts are being put on wedding photography on the actual wedding day. Many thought that it is just ‘photography’, and it is something that can go on cheap, and not worth to spend thousands of dollars on, like wedding venue and banquet.

However, what thing they didn’t realize is that a professional photographer’s job is to ‘take photos’. Their real job is to capture moments. Their real job is to catch your unforgettable moments and keep them in images for life.

Many wedding couples risk their wedding by going for free photographers, mostly who are beginners in their field, who want to take photos for their own portfolio or collection. They just want to have some exposure, and so they look for wedding couples who are willing to give them the chance.

Sure, you can have these free photographers on your wedding day, but they should not be the ones who replace the real photographers who will do the best job for you. The worst nightmare that you can have on your wedding day is not about worrying something bad will happen.

The worst thing about your wedding that can happen are the photos or videos that are taken on your wedding day, not up to your satisfaction, or worse, did not capture any beautiful moments that worth to be kept. When these happens, you can complain about the ‘free’ photographers. You can tell all  your friends not to hire them ever again. You can demand them to make a compensation.

But one thing you cannot do, is to hold your wedding dinner again.

Actual day wedding photography makes a big difference to your overall wedding experience. They make or break the whole event. Saving a few thousand dollars can help you to buy a new TV set or a new furniture for our new home, but it can never compensate for the pain of a horrible wedding experience.

We hope this piece of information will educate you on the importance of professionalism.

There’s a quote that goes “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait till you get an amateur.”

This article is written by ThatPhotographer.sg – Actual Day Wedding Photographer Singapore. Having rich experience with wedding photography and capturing beautiful and alluring moments of wedding couples and their loved ones, they never fail to deliver happiness during, and after your wedding day.