The Three Things You Cannot Save For Your Wedding

We know wedding dinners are not cheap. They can cost quite a bit. If you are a price-conscious person who wants to budget your wedding properly, this article maybe for you. If money is never a problem, then this article might irritate you.

Yes, wedding dinners can cost quite a bit, but there are three things that you shouldn’t cut your spending on. You can save money on other areas before or after the wedding, but probably not the 3 things on your wedding day.

1. Your Wedding Planner

This is subjective. Not everyone will have the budget to hire a wedding planner. But if you are to hire one, please hire a good one that has the experience to manage a wedding. If you are preparing a wedding or smaller scale, then you probably may not have so much to handle.
If you are looking at a wedding that has about 400-600 people, then be prepared. You have many things to handle, and someone who is inexperienced in weddings will probably be as stressed as you on that day. Get an experienced planner, and you can rest assured that everything is well taken care on your wedding day.

If you have a friend who is helping you, do give them some tips (the most among all your friends) as their workload is really heavy. It is never an easy job to be a planner.

2. Your Wedding Photographer

For your birthday party, smart phones may do the trick, to help you get a few selfies or group shots. But please. They don’t work for your wedding. Not even those simple handheld cameras. I know of people who get their friends to be their photographers because they have DSLR cameras.

No offense to your friends, but wedding is an important occasion. No one can redo wedding because the camera is not working or the photographer miss the best shot (the kissing shot!). You never want your friend to tell you ‘sorry’. That sorry may haunt your life forever.
get a professional photographer
Getting a professional wedding photographer Singapore can ensure your best moments are always captured, in the best possible way. You will not worry about camera angles, blurred images, or even cameras running out of batteries. These will hardly happen to a professional.

If you need a recommendation for a trusted photographer, do check out actual wedding day package from ThatPhotographer. They are quite nice people and you can discuss with them your requirements for the wedding day photos.

3. Wedding Venue
This will make up the largest proportion of your wedding budget. How much should you spend on the venue, again, depends on what kind of wedding you want to have. As advised earlier above, you don’t want a venue that destroy your happiest day. You want a venue that you are happy with, and your guests are too.

How do you select your venue? This again, depends on different culture. Some parents want to decide their child’s wedding venue, while in some places, the child make all the decision. But to have a really happy wedding, do take into consideration for both parties.

Do note that whatever the venue is, you must be happy, your parents must be happy, and at least 50% of your guests are happy :)

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